Kimrâh Minuty

 Ascension & Intuitive Guidance Coach


Whether you’re looking for specific direction or generalised connection, Intuitive Guidance can help by revealing infinite wisdom relating to your circumstances more specific to this life incarnation.


Use Intuitive Guidance not as a replacement, but rather as a long-armed extension to your own personal spiritual practice.


By using  Intuitive Guidance and reaching that personal spiritual practice, it will help you to find the vision you need to connect within yourself and the clarity to understand the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward.


Kimrâh Minuty

… an Intuitive Ascension Coach Reiki Master, Spiritual Consultant and Author. As an expert shadow healer, she works with coaching clients to taproot their soul by transforming their lives holistically through addressing gut, heart and mind issues that keep you from living your best life.


Ascension Coaching

Reiki Healing

Intuitive Guidance

Spiritual /Occult Consultation

Angelic Healing

Tarot/Oracle Cards

...and more!

...her intuitive guidance has helped...

Just want to give a shout out to Kimrâh. When I was blessed with a free intuitive coaching session with her, she realised how bad my health was. With her intuitive guidance, I have been removed from 3 medications, lost 45 lbs.,  and balanced the PH/alkaline in my body and although I have had setbacks due to another condition/car wreck, her intuitive guidance has helped me improve my mental and physical health greatly. She is the real deal. I’m honoured to call her a mentor and a friend.

Kirsty S. integrate different aspects of myself...

Kimrâh is a great coach who has helped me to integrate different aspects of myself. During our coaching sessions, she guided me to embrace my ascension process. She is brutally honest and I love that! While working with her, that honesty and truth helped me connect to my intuition, develop my spiritual side and expand. Thank you Kimrâh, you are a rockstar!

Vero D.  (Canada)

...she is also divinely inspired and intuitive...

Not only is Kimrâh an impeccable coach, but she is also divinely inspired and intuitive. I put a call to the universe for some help and she arrived at the most perfect time. She guided me to first see the issue I was dealing with clearly and from a neutral perspective, she then showed me the energy I was lacking/ blocking to help me actually move through my challenge. She has a beautiful ability to tell it like it is but with an enthusiasm that is so powerful that it actually motivates you to make a real change. I am seriously in awe of her amazing ability.


Jenn C. (Boise, ID)

intuitive guidance

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